spare change: US$7,200 for these sparklers

I quite like embellished and treated denim when it's done well (too often it isn't). I especially like how Ralph Lauren does it, but pity his jeans don't fit me well - he uses excellent denim in some of his lines, with quite unusual and gorgeous treatments.

I loved his denim-centric spring 2010 collection, and in particular, I have long cherished these, through which I channel my secret desire to be a country singer -

My love was further amplified by these two excellent shots from French and British Vogue respectively -

Photographers: Mario Sorrenti, Alastair McLellan
Hell, even Blake Lively got to rock a pair -

If I were to buy something absolutely unnecessary and obscenely extravagant to Marie Antoinette levels (this is still better than the Balmain Level, okay?), these dazzlers will would be it.
Now, where's that spare US$7,200?


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