frontier spirit

French Vogue always appeals to me when it is thematically strong - when the cover, the various sections, editorials etc come together to give off a very distinct mood. I've looked at scans of the August issue over and over again and decided I will get it when it hits the shops here (I haven't checked whether it is).

I like the images with the feeling of a strong, modern-day frontier woman best. There's all this beautiful classic clothing, but instead of that 70s' thing that keeps popping up in other magazines (which French Vogue has done to death themselves) the attitude is aggressive, a bit devil-may-care. The styling, the photography, the models - the pictures feel alive for me.

Photographer: David Sims
Stylists: Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt
And these trio of near-identical shots are killing it. It's almost like one of those pre-Renaissance Madonnas, with that calm, give-away-nothing stare. Delicate and full of attitude.

Photographer: Sharif Hamza

Certainly there are all kinds of other images conveying a different feel and story; I'm just selectively pulling out the ones that resonate with me.
Must run to bookstore soon.
Pictures from tfs


I love that denim on denim look, unfortunately it is Tommy. I always liked matchy matchy denim on denim, even if it is/was a faux pas!
lin said…
I love the way it looks too, but never on me. I just feel like without the necessary grit and maybe a motorcycle, I look like too"Topshop" (my catch-all for over-trendy things).
Anonymous said…
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