perfectly done

Sea urchin? Simple says it all? Could Toast be reading my mind or what?

I've always had a soft spot for Toast because they have in their employ these catalogue magicians who do these fantastic travel-themed catalogues.

They however, outdid themselves with the latest Style Stories feature with themes like the abovementioned "Sea Urchin", which is full of the kind of styling (and clothing) and relaxed, outdoorsy, pared down mood I like. I mean, boats. Lighthouses. Long walks by Venetian canals.

You can see more of the Style Stories here, and more of it in the catalogue in its full, lush glory here.

Pictures from toast


Wow, I've never heard of this brand. Will check out their website.
lin said…
Their catalogues do a beautful job of selling their clothes...
Aïssa said…
Toast has always been a favourite and I'm especially delighted when I receive their Fall Winter catalogue as it's always the perfect mix between cozy and quiet feminity!

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