i wear lace

I can't remember when was the last time I did, but I felt surprisingly right. The fabric has always felt very feminine and fussy to me but that it is cut into a pair of shorts makes it functional and easy.

In a sartorial turn of fate, my younger sister returned from Bangkok with a whole batch of charming lace items - blouses, a blazer, a crochet-ish pullover. Likewise, she had never been drawn to the fabric much and we spent some time exclaiming over this spooky connection between our minds.


The shorts look even cuter on! Your sister's lace blazer sounds so intriguing.

Thank for your comment on my latest post. I'm very inspired by Dior Homme Fall 2005 in general. In some looks they showed "The End" tees underneath transparent tops.
Aïssa said…
Great look!
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I love when I look I love continues to stay in my head over the years!

Aissa: Thanks!
I love this outfit. It's perfectly simple and chic. The t-shirt looks great, which brand is it? Cheers
lin said…
Hi, thanks, it's actually a linen knit, from Massimo Dutti, but I think Zara had quite similar things.
Anonymous said…
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