once again, it begins....

I am in the middle of stalking an item of clothing I like much very, and debating slowly whether to buy. It's a navy shirt in washed silk, very matte and and lustrous at the same time, with a vaguely outdoors air to it owing to the slightly loose fit and breast pockets. I love shop stalking something - it invariably leads to a very satisfying decision: something I will own and treasure, or something I feel pleased I didn't succumb to.

I found it interesting that perhaps just a year ago, buying a shirt or anything with long sleeves made me hesitate: my last job was not office-bound, heat and perspiration is inevitable, sleeveless things and white t-shirts were the best options. I wore jeans and sneakers and felt happy.

Now I'm in the office all the time, freezing over slowly, and suddenly all kinds of dormant things in my wardrobe came to life. A blue and white striped shirt, a white cotton shirt with an attached scarf, and a beige silk cotton blouse with a black velvet trim got lots of wear. I have bought two more long-sleeve blouses since: a salmon pink silk cotton shirt, and blush pink knit with dolman sleeves. I also have standbys from the old days like a couple of linen pullovers and a striped knit sweater that work too.

I miss wearing jeans and a t-shirt - but I also liked being able to actually buy a shirt and wear it and not just fantasise about wearing shirts. Admittedly I feel spells of boredom with jeans in my closet, but just as I once liked the blank beauty of a plain white t-shirt, I do love the finishing and details of blouses and shirts: seams, darts, cuffs, buttons, button holes, collars, fabric, cut. Long sleeves, even when rolled up, also instantly spiff things up a bit, a nice touch of formality (rather important in an office, I must say).

The key, of course, is to not go overboard in amassing these things. Hence, rather circuitously, back to the navy shirt: does it have a place in my wardrobe? I've been longing for more navy separates and it certainly fits the bill.


Ammu said…
My only worry with navy silk might be that like black, it's a bit hot to wear in tropical countries. Otherwise I think silk shirts are incredibly sensuous. Your collection is lovely.
Your shirt collection is lovely. The kind of shirts that I like. I may agree with Ammu about silk not being the most practical thing in a tropical climate. I avoid them myself. But for being indoors it seems worth while. I'd keep stalking it though, who knows it could always go on sale.
lin said…
Thanks! The weather thing is one I try to pretend is not an issue when I shop in air-conditioned comfort, but you guys are absolutely right. I was sorely tempted to give in yesterday since I have gift certificates to cash in, but decided it could wait.

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