lessons from the other sex part III

Photographer (throughout): Tommy Ton for GQ.com

Men wear blue so well. I never find anything I want in blue in womenswear, but in menswear blue is a basic.

Going grey is also very distinguished in menswear.

I like how these men wear grey and blue without looking drab, even when it's head-to-toe. They understand the mix of textures to make things interesting, with pieces that are essentially basics.

Pictures from gq.com


Blue and navy are such classic colors for menswear. I'm usually not the biggest fan of elbow patches but that one gentleman carries it so expertly well, and it doesn't hurt that the jacket is gorgeous, not that he's bad himself. ;)
lin said…
I actually quite like the look of elbow patches, it's the grandpa charm. His jacket is especially cool - a lot of elbow patches I see in shops look clumsily done. I must be shopping in the wrong places.

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