holy cow

I am Peggy Olsen in Mad Men. Not quite the Mad Men character I would choose to emulate. I tried this skirt at Zara for fun because I don't remember the last time I wore a skirt that fell below my knees. My friend and I fell over laughing when at the sight. I can't believe the effect of a skirt length - you are instantly transported into visions of a different era.

The skirt is also fuller than anything I've ever put on (you can't really tell in this picture) and it's really weird to see a fit and flare silhouette on myself; I can't tell you how disorienting it was.

Zara is full of these longer skirts that's all the rage this season. Anyone going to give it a go?


I like a knife pleat skirt.
lin said…
So do I, except that my bum doesn't look so good in them, but I think this skirt might not be too bad, except for the length...below the knee is a bit of a leap for me, haha.
Pennerad said…
they make my legs look very stumpy and i can't find pumps comfortable enough to wear for a full day, so likely, my skirts will be knee length or above. or ankle length. this looks beautiful on you. i think this would be a wonderful look! also those shoes are lovely.
lin said…
Hi thanks for your comment. I think they'll looks pretty good with heels too, but I hate wearing heels. I think the below the knee a-line or full skirt trend is going to take a while catch on..

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