lessons from the other sex part II

Photographer: Tommy Ton for GQ.com

As Pret a Porter P pointed out, men really rock a denim or chambray shirt. They wear it like the classic it is, and not in that insane grungy-with-tiny-shorts nonsense I'm so tired of seeing on girls. I'm inspired to consider a denim shirt for my wardrobe the way I didn't when it was all over Topshop.

Pictures from gq.com


I especially like how the men wear it with suits. I also like the look of those olive green military jackets, which are every where too. Not something I feel compelled to buy into this time around, but I do admire it. I try to look it as a good thing when something I like becomes trendy because then there are more options and friendly price points for it.
lin said…
I agree about something becoming trendy being good for shoppers because of the better choice. However, I was tone-deaf to it until now, because the Topshop-ness of it blinded me to its charms, haha.

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