two spanish sisters

One of the shops in Spain I enjoyed shopping in, but did not buy anything from, was Bimba & Lola -- they sell a wide range of accessories and a smaller range of clothing. I found the clothing slightly pricey for the quality, but the styling is always an inspiration, and the designs are appealing.

I was happy to hear that they opened an outpost in Singapore, and popped by for a look today. Unexpectedly, I found a dress very much similar in cut to that fateful Luella dress, and at 40% off, it seemed like the call of fate once more.

It was lovely on, but even with the discount, I found it just a little expensive for the quality. The fabric is lovely and comfortable enough, but it's almost the same price as the Luella dress, and I'm pretty sure the Luella dress was of better make.

Is anything worth the design alone, with the actual quality being just acceptable? I can't decide.

(Anyway, I like the styling of the looks above and I think they are acceptable for the future office. Taking notes! I am becoming rather self-absorbed about the new job.)

(Title of the post refers to the two sisters the label is named for.)
Images from bimba & lola


Ammu said…
I like the look too - especially the knitwear. That said, I think charging a substantial sum for strictly-ok-quality items is unacceptable. The price has to reflect the value, and for me at least, the value includes longevity. Otherwise that cash can be better spent on something else.
fashionaddict said…
Ammu: Thanks for the sharing the thought, I slept on it and decided it was a pity it wasn't made better. It would made it a much more satisfying buy, and I wouldn't have minded paying even more...
Victoria said…
I love all these looks! I had a look on the website and loved everything on there too, particularly the grey dress with the bow on the gorgeous.

Its so dissapointing when the quality doesn't match your expectations and is not worthy of the price. I've had this a lot recently whilst looking for a winter coat and A.P.C. and Paul & Joe have both been big let downs in terms of the quality of the wool. I think a lot of labels trade on their name and brand cache, and although I don't mind paying for unusual design, quality and longevity are equally as important.
fashionaddict said…
Victoria: Yep, sometimes I tell myself I'm content to just window shop at these places, but I still feel let down somehow.

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