singular charm

Magazine: Vogue Italia March 2008
Photographer: Paolo Roversi
This is one of my favourite editorials by Paolo Roversi, for the way it's pure poetry of light and dark, soft and grim, the majestic clothing set off so well by Freja Beha Erichsen's unblinking, lamplike stare.
I spent a lot of time looking through fashion photography past and present, and other than the late, great Irving Penn, no photographer's work gets me emotionally the way Paolo Roversi's does. But I don't wish to limit myself. Any other photographers to recommend?
Images from claire belliard


Ammu said…
Love Penn. I also love Helmut Newton's work. And in a totally different way, I adore Norman Parkinson's pictures - there's a softness to them you rarely see today...very pretty, poetic pictures.
fashionaddict said…
Thanks for the suggestions, wish it was easier to find out more about Norman Parkinson :)

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