In 1999, Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Chanel Haute Couture was all simplicity and softness, free of the heavy embellishment I've come to associate with his more recent work.

I love the washed-out colours, reminds me of a Donna Karan campaign I love, seen here. It reminds of a lazy warm afternoon, when everything is sensed rather than felt.
It also fascinates me to compare this collection to the current Chanel collections, which sometimes border almost on kitsch. Not to say I don't like Chanel kitsch, but I like that even though there are few of the recognisable codes of Chanel here (pearls, cameillas), I feel the spirit of Coco Chanel, the woman who donned men's pajamas, somewhere in there.
Images from tfs


Ammu said…
I could not agree more - I remember going into the Chanel store last year and being so disappointed by how "design Chanel" - simplicity, sophistication, daring - had been superseded by brand Chanel - overpriced costume jewelry, a tiny rhinestone interlocking C's pendant selling for upwards of 200 pounds. Such a shame.
Ammu said…
But these pictures that you posted are GORGEOUS. I especially love this one - is it a cotton jersey suit? Yummy.
fashionaddict said…
Hahah, I imagine the suit to be something a little heavier, but I suppose only access to the archives can confirm that.

I especially dislike most Chanel bags in general, except for the classic quilted flap purses. It's possible to have fun with the trademarks of a venerable fashion house without looking tacky, look at Hermes.

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