hold that thought

Magazine: Vogue UK December 2001
Photographer: Paolo Roversi
I love this editorial, but like many of the editorials I fall in love with, it bears little obvious resemblance to how I put myself together in real life. At the back of my head, this dichotomy has always intrigued me. Is there a secret magpie in that likes glitter and would love to pile it on?
It takes me a minute to breakdown why this ranks highly as inspiration: I like the worn, beaten look of the styling; I like the tough rebellious mood; I like the ghostly softness, the sense that I am looking at a dream and any minute now this loveliness will disappear.
How does this translate in dress, into ideas for living?
I love thinking along random trains of thought like these. Especially when I wait for the bus in the morning.
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July Stars said…
Paolo Roversi is such a genius. I absolutely adore him...
fashionaddict said…
I love his work. I have been trying to track down a good edition of his work for ages, can't decide whether the re-issue of "Studio" is any good.

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