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My younger sister was recently gifted a pair of Ferragamo Varina flats for her 21st birthday (kids these days, such sophisticates!). And sisters share, so I've been generously allowed to where them whenever I want.

They are remarkably versatile, and after the first wearing, the unbearable stiffness of the shoes wore off and they're now shocking cushy. They make my tree roots feet look shapely and graceful, and unlike most flats, they somehow look polished no matter what, making smart enough for workplaces.

I've never spent too much money on shoes - always less than S$200, which is slightly less than a third of what these cost. Shoes fall apart pretty fast, especially when I only rotate around three pairs of flats, and paying S$700 for one pair seems far far far too extravagant for me.

But these are classic, quality, so so pretty. I would probably have less need for other shoes with these, no? Classic case of whether to spent lots of money on one fantastic thing, or on several good things.

It's a good thing my sister got these, so we get to "test drive"them to see if they are worth the money!


-h said…
I've havent spent more than 200 on shoes yet either. I wait for sales or buy things that arent too precious.

They are very cute, but at the same time you can wear them for various occasions.
Ammu said…
I think you do get what you pay for - but I have always bought expensive shoes on sale, costing between S$300-500 on sale. And they last for ages, and look and feel much better than their cheaper counterparts.

That said, I wouldn't buy shoes that look like they might not age well, i.e. nothing in white! These would look delicious in black though. Or dark green.
Anonymous said…
for all things, I err on the side of buying one wonderful perfect (often, but not exclusively more expensive than other options) thing, and I am always very very satisfied.
Eunice said…
I don't mind spending more than 200 on shoes, but basic clothing such as tee-shirts, tanks, more than 100 is unjustifiable. Anyway, those ferragamos are so cute. I never quite understood white ballet flats as they always remind me of weddings, but those are just great for everyday use!

BTW, I love your blog! (:
fashionaddict said…
-h: yes sales a good resource for picking up quality things on a budget. i'm reluctant to spend that much on shoes because it seems like paying a lot is no guarantee of comfort, which is my #1 criteria for shoes.

ammu: they're actually beige-ier than they look in the picture, so they can cross between casual and polished quite comfortably.

you have a point about durability, these look like they will definitely last...but so do my Clarks (which cost a great deal less) :)

up and down town: definitely. in the case of these shoes, it's just a matter of them having to really live up to the price...

eunice: thanks! yes, a S$100 t-shirt or tank is unjustifiable. at least, i have not come across one.

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