the haul

What was to be my second-ever online purchase, the Luella dress, didn't work out, turns out it's no longer in stock, even though it continued to appear on the La Garconne webpage. And it was a wonderful piece of design, with subtle, thoughtful details. I felt incredibly cheated.

Real-life shopping however, holds no such traps. In the sales that have sprung up like mushrooms, I found a beautiful Zara cardigan, unexpectedly.

I wasn't on the lookout for a new cardigan, and certainlyI didn't know I wanted a gold-flecked knit with brass buttons until I saw this one. This is one of those things too beautiful to pass up.

It's not wool either, so not too warm for the weather here. My mother was simply relieved I didn't buy another grey cardigan.

I did buy something in grey -

This jacket from Massimo Dutti was a planned buy. I stalked it for months, not buying at full price because jackets in Singapore always end up in sales - the hot weather makes most jackets a slow sell. So I waited because I was in no urgent need for a jacket and could afford to wait to save some money.

It doesn't look very sharp on the hanger but it looks sharp on me, which is fine by me. Along with the perfectly fitting trousers I bought from Zara, it will serve me well for my future non-denim workplace.

I'm quite happy with the money I saved by waiting to shop during sales. How well does shopping during sales pay off for you?


-h said…
And I'm trying to resist the temptation of making the trip up to Zara for their sale. Whenever I want to do indulgent sale shopping, I hardly find anything!
I like that grey jersey jacket.
Ammu said…
I treat sale shopping the same way I do regular shopping, so never end up buying something I have weighed in my mind for ages. It wasn't always this way - but I have learnt to be less impulsive after a few expensive mistakes :)

That cardigan is gorgeous - very good to take anything from day to evening.
Ammu said…
Oops, I meant to say, I try never to buy something UNLESS I have weighed it in my mind for a while ;)

Shame about the Luella dress - that happened to me once when I tried to buy a pair of YSL shoes from Browns, paid for them, and then got an email saying they were sold out. It's one reason I only shop at a couple of websites, where the standard of service - technical and otherwise - is higher than average.
fashionaddict said…
-h: I've loved the idea of a grey jersey jacket for the longest time, but it was hard to fine one that still have a strong shape.

Ammu: Yep, I always think you have nothing to lose by thinking it through, sale or not. Though this is how I almost missed that YSL bag, you don't lose anything from having one less piece of clothing.

And would love to know which websites those are!
Ammu said…
But that YSL bag was meant to be yours no? That is such a great story - now you have the bag and a storied experience to go with it :)

I usually go to Net-a-porter, have used them for years and never had a bad experience. Outnet is not bad either, but I am not so attracted by the selection. And Yoox is ok too, but the selection is a bit mind-boggling, there's just so much on there!
fashionaddict said…
Yes, the bag was meant to be, but I suppose my mind would have tried its best to rationalise it out of my head if I hadn't gotten it :)

Thanks for the suggestions, definitely worth keeping in mind. I find NAP's selection a little mind boggling too, much less Yoox, haha.

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