the bride's dress revisited

Curiously, for someone who hasn't given marriage much thought, I give weddings and its related traditions a lot of thought. For instance, I'm convinced my wedding will feature chilli crabs.

I also think a lot about wedding dresses (and have posted about it here and here), and a number of things this weekend prompted me to think rethink it again:

a) My colleague is getting married and reminded us to let her know if we were attending Mass, which made me think of weddings and what her dress would look like;

b) Out with friends on Saturday, we passed a park where a couple was getting their wedding portraits snapped, and we lamented over why the wedding dresses we see most people don are poofy and frilly and;

and c) I picked up a copy of the May edition of Vogue UK, and there was a piece about the wedding dress.

It made me wonder for instance, why most people pick dresses with full skirts. Does every woman out there have a princess fetish that skipped me? And do all wedding dresses have to be long? I mean, long usually equals special since most of us don't wish about in floor-grazing dresses but short can be special too. I'm happy to stick to tradition - I have no issue with white, cream, ivory etc, but where's the variety beyond puffs of satin/chiffon/tulle?

I don't know if I'm just rebelling against a convention out of instinct (unlikely, because I'm not a rebellious dresser), and if short was the norm then I would have opted for long. But I just hope that if I marry, I get to choose from a little more, or I can somehow find someone to rustle up the dress of my dreams.

They can see below (or the above; Givenchy Haute Couture spring '08) for inspiration. I don't think they're very traditional, but not embarrassing either, and I think they're special enough for a very special occasion.

Christian Dior Haute Couture spring '08. Probably in a different colour.

Alberta Ferretti spring RTW '08

Prada spring RTW '08. Takes a bit of nerve, I admit.

Stella McCartney spring RTW '08. For all jumpsuit lovers.

Stella McCartney spring RTW '08. I am highly tempted by this, because I am a sucker for shorts suits.

Rick Owens spring RTW '08. Like wearing a cloud. But cool.

Anne Klein spring RTW '08.

Calvin Klein Collection spring RTW '08. This is the closest to the dress of my dreams.

Halston fall RTW '08

Karen Walker fall RTW '08. If I marry before 25. Or 26. Unlikely. But so cool.

Gaultier Paris spring '08. Really wish I had the panache to carry this off, all the works, the boots, the headscarf, the chains...

Junya Watanabe spring RTW '08.

Christopher Kane fall RTW '08. There were lots in this collection that would do just fine.

Stella McCartney fall RTW '08. The flounce without the fuss.

Alexander McQueen fall RTW '08. For grander occasions.

Alexander McQueen fall RTW '08. For even grander occasions.

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editor said…
out of these, i think i like the Junya Watanabe best, though i would want more length to it.
as it is, i wore black. :D
fashionaddict said…
Cool! There was only one black dress (Ann Demeulemeester) I considered and in the end I couldn't shake off tradition.

Do sketch a picture :)
enc said…
I blew it, I should have gone for that jumpsuit!

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