downs, and then ups

I’m quite a penny-pinching type of shopper. Okay not always, but I have the habit of holding out for sales when I spy an item I like, but can’t justify the price, or simply can’t afford. (This has left me thinking whether I genuinely appreciate the items I buy during sales for the design, fit and quality, or for the irresistible price. But let’s not go there.)

Quite often, I tend to eye stuff, and think, “Will it still be around come the sales?” and I'd always thought I was pretty good at it, and I’ve scooped some things I rather liked at a discount, because I was patient enough to wait it out. (Of course things that are instant love and realistically within my budget, I snap it up, no regrets, but those are a different story.)

Well clearly my powers of “will it so on sale” deduction were not as potent as I thought, because lo and behold, I spotted this dress I bought at Topshop less than TWO WEEKS AGO at the Topshop sale. It was on sale for S$59, and I’d paid S$83 (already a discount from S$103, thank goodness). Not a huge difference yes, but still, I feel a little burned. I could buy a book with the difference. That’s hours of pleasure.

But I guess we win some and lose some, because I did manage to score a really cool skirt for S$29, a nice addition to my wardrobe of mostly denim bottoms -

It looks terrible with my top which was too close a colour and I appear to have no waist and a chunky trunk and I also look sort of stumpy and I have no idea why it looks so odd in the photo but I swear it looks normal in the mirror and my sister assured me the same when I got home and tried it on for her.

I’d never seen this skirt around the shops until I checked out the sale today, and there it was. It doesn’t fit as flawlessly as I would like it to, but then for something made of basically sweatpants material, I didn’t really expect it to. So yeah, my anger was appeased when I left the shop, but I think I will feel the pang when I look at my dress. Perfectly wonderful yes, but even more so if it has been S$24 less.


k said…
I know that feeling! I too, am a wait it out girl. And my cousins will say to me, "how do you always know?" and I don't know, but I usually do. That being said, I have messed up on occasion and paid more than I "should" have for something I really liked. But, I think if it is still a budget buy, you have to let go of the guilt. So easily, it would have been gone, your dress. And that type of, I-missed-it distress is just as bad, if not worse than the if-I'd-waited-two-more-days type of distress. Give yourself a break is all I am saying! :)
fashionaddict said…
Thanks for the words of comfort...I'm just trying to concentrate on how much I like the dress :)
enc said…
I love that skirt.

I have the same problem with waiting until things go on sale, but I'm of the school of thought that goes like this: buy it NOW if you really want it, or risk it being gone. If you see it in the sale, DON'T look at the price tag.
Anonymous said…
I hold out as well - it's worth it when you can get stuff for half price! Adore the skirt :)

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