dear mum,

You looked great yesterday. I'm glad that it runs in the family to pull off $20 dresses like it's from the finest in Paris. Also glad that you're wearing the Chanel lipstick sis and I gave you. So please stop using the crappy ass ones that you've been buying yourself. You deserve better.

I hope you liked the high tea buffet at the Ritz. We would have preferred something a little more traditional with the three-tier trays and all, but they're only available on weekdays, something whoever took our reservations over the phone failed to inform us, even though we specifically asked about it. But it was yummy anyway, and the china was very pretty.

Especially the scones. I know you love scones. Me too.

So yep, hope you had a good Mother's Day!

P.S. - This is what I wore -

It's kind of the opposite of the tailored, tucked-in shirt and skinny jeans outfit I wore on Friday. Quite comfy.


editor said…
fringy bag!
cute outfit.
your mom's lips look good and the food looks good.
k said…
That looks lovely! There is a hotel not so far away that does a wonderful afternoon tea. That was a great Mother's Day gift. She's lucky to have you!
enc said…
Everything/everyone looks lovely!

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