show, not tell

Much has been made of borrowing from the boys when it comes to fashion, but I've never really seen a convincing argument for doing so when I flip through magazines, etc. Trust Susie of Stylebubble to change that. There's her innate gift for putting together kickass outfits, and then there's lucky fact that she appears to have a boyfriend of impeccable taste. See here for outfits that will inspire you to either a) do a quick closet raid of the nearest living (remotely stylish) male, and b) run to the menswear department of your favourite shop and drop some dough.

Me? I like the idea of menswear because I love uniforms and menswear seems to have evolved to more or less a kind of uniform loved and accepted by all I'll settle for my one men's cardi from Muji while I figure out how to wear a men's shirt with my broad shoulders, short boy hairdo, and 5'11 height without looking like, well, a man.

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