toeing the line

Okay I know gladiator sandals are the new trendy-item-of-the-moment that everyone loves to hate, but, er, yeah, whatever. This woman (shot by The Sartorialist) igniting possibilities in my mind that I can actually try pulling them off for work.

I work in a pretty casual office, but I've always steered away showing toes (okay awkward phrasing, but let's move along) because it doesn't seem professional enough? I also avoid anything too "fashion" because in my line of work, it should be about my outfit.

But she's making the sandals work in a non-statement way, and I think the jacket sort of balances out the casualness of the sandals. The length of her skirt is also not showing the amount of thigh that might raise eyebrows in the average workplace, and the smart file might also have something to do with the polished-ness of her outfit.

So yes, I am pretty inspired, and shall wait for the right mood to strike to test out the dress code boundary outfits of my office and give my sandals a go.

***I might pack some flats in case someone raises "concerns" and I'd like to avoid another "parli pants" episode.

Photo by Scott Schuman at


Blue Floppy Hat said…
ack, the parli pants outfit sounds horrid! I once pulled off going to the Supreme Court in (straight-leg, black) jeans but I must admit I find office dress codes annoying.

The gladiator sandals in the Sart's picture are great, though- the gold colour somehow makes it work and prevents the trendiness of the sandals from getting annoying.
fashionaddict said…
Yes! Especially since I really don't own much office-appropriate clothing, and I can't bring myself to spend money on them.
Althea said…
Looking awesome!! I love gladiator trend and like to wear gladiator sandals for a gorgeous and rocking look.
enc said…
I hope you'll go for it, it seems like a perfect shoe for you.

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