"love will keep us alive"

A grey dress for a very grey day, the day of my colleague's wedding lunch. I'm hungover and dying from having all of five hours of sleep, and am unable to get the pleats on this dress to fall nicely, but never mind. I'm FINALLY wearing it after buying it about six months ago - it's just a tad too dressy (by my standards) for everyday wear and I'm designating it as my "good dress" - the sort of respectable thing pulled out for weddings etc.

The lunch was lovely, and it was amusing to see some of my colleagues outside of the workplace, kind of like watching animals out of their natural habitat. Haha.

Anyway, the title of the post is the song I would like have playing at my (still fictional) wedding, preferably by The Eagles themselves. I am going through an Eagles phase in my music-listening habits.


enc said…
A beautiful dress, and a beautiful look for you. I can't see anything wrong with how the pleats are hanging.

It's nice that you had a good day, despite the way you felt!
editor said…
such a romantic dress.
the color and the extremely simple design some how, despite logic, yield a romantic effect. lovely!
fashionaddict said…
enc: Thanks! I think the dress might have perked me up. And weddings cheer me up. I'm a sucker :)

editor: I think it's the shape of the neckline, it softens things. Makes a good shape for a wedding dress no?

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