So, the skirt I ordered from American Apparel came - the first thing I've ever ordered online - and well, it was...perfect. The fabric, as expected, was not top-notch, but it wasn't as crap as I thought it could have been either. I got the size right (my biggest worry) - it's not too short and fit loosely enough at the hips, which I prefer. And the pockets are actually usable, not the shallow nonsense from which coins tumble out when you sit. Colour is good too, a dark, charcoal grey. Happy as a lark that my maiden attempt at online shopping worked out fine, after fretting about it in an earlier post.

I'm wearing it to work like this today -

The skirt also arrived in time for a friendly meeting with a shiny, spangle-y top I got from the Topshop sale over the weekend - surely one of the greatest bargains ever given it was discounted to S$35 from S$133 -

I think it's from more than a season ago, since it was marked down twice, but I like it for its Paulo Melim Andersson for Chloe vibe (circa his debut fall collection last year) -

While it seems that not many are going to miss his brief tenure at Chloe, I actually liked his collections, so it's nice to have something vaguely inspired by him since I'm unlikely to ever lay my hands on the real thing. I also like the clicking sounds the pailettes on the top make when I move, adding an aural element to a very visual item...

Picture of Chloe collection from


bang said…
is that you at the back dar?
fashionaddict said…
Holy shit, how could you tell, and who is this? Haha.
enc said…
Super cool skirt and spangly top.
jaslynbang said…
heh, was doing some googling on the pics from rsg so your blog came out as one of the results. and i happen to realize "isn't that the girl behind me at rsg?"

that's me in the pic. haha.

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