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Because I'm so free on a Sunday (technically, it's Monday already), I decided to take photos of what I'm bringing to Bali.

It's a short trip, so I can afford to not bother with the principles of mixing and matching and bring an outfit for each day. Nonetheless, when I travel, I usually pack with an outfit in mind for each day - it's the only way to make sure I pack very little and get the most wears out of each item.

I had planned to just dive and laze around getting massages for the next few days, but as I may be required to participate in some of the planned activities (long story), I felt obliged to pack the "comfortable shoes" and some comfortable clothes (T-shirt and hard-wearing shorts) as advised. Here are my most well-worn Onitsuka Tigers, the oldest in my collection and one I refuse to part with because it has crossed a few continents with me -

The swimsuit and flip flops, of ultra importance of course -

Everything else is comfort clothing - I'm not big on getting dressy at the beach because all I do is swim, sleep, and dive, so actual clothing is besides the point.

I also pack a scarf in case for some reason, I need to keep warm. This one, the colour of a sunset - purchased in Nepal - seems appropriate for an island famed for its sunsets -

I also bring along one of my many messenger purses -

All are happily packed in my borrowed dotty suitcase -

I'll put up my plane outfit when I wake up in the morning.


enc said…
I doubt you have enough there to fill that suitcase! You pack lightly!

All very cute, including the suitcase. Have fun!
k said…
Have a great trip!!
fashionaddict said…
k: Thanks, I did!

enc: I loath lugging lots of things around when travelling. But I also get bored with repeating my clothes if it's a long trip. It's 'win some, lose some' situation. Bugger.
Anonymous said…
what an adorable and consistent ensemble. you do not appear tp be a style schizo like me (as if i didn't already know that from your wardrobe posts).
the t-shirt, the glasses are a print?
the scarf, what is the material and how do you care for it?
i love what you paced = it all screams vacation.

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