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I got a beautiful tattoo a couple weeks back from Simon of Borneo Ink, of an Alphonse Mucha drawing called "Music". I love Art Nouveau, it thrilled me when I was in Prague last year and looking at all the art and Mucha stuff and a bell going off in my head and saying to myself "This is it, this is it, this is it." So I got the tattoo (painful, but less painful than I thought it would be), and have occasionally mulled over what to get next ever since. So thanks to the folks at Fashionation for highlighting Laura Laine and her illustrations on their blog -

They remind me of a more stark, graphic, spacey interpretation of Art Nouveau, and the details are amazingly rendered - look at the hair! And because she's done a fair bit of work involving fashion, I can now have a out-of-this-world goddess wearing Alexander McQueen on my back! The trouble, I think, is selecting one...

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