taking the plunge

I'm a shopping fiend, but I have never bought anything over the Internet before, except for air tickets. I feel iffy about buying clothes I've never tried on, I am skeptical of sizing charts, and I have a need to touch and squish things in my hands before I hand over the dough. This, in spite of being surrounded by friends and a sister who is the queen of online shopping. In spite of being highly tempted by wares unavailable in Singapore.

Well, I have stepped out of my tactile-only shopping bubble, and ventured into the unknown by ordering the above skirt from American Apparel through a online spree group.

It's the exactly what I'm been looking for for some time - a short, non-tight skirt made of a light material, expendable enough to wear on both the waist and maybe occasionally tugged to my hips for a different fit, and it has POCKETS, so that I have somewhere to chuck my sweet wrappers and used tissues (I know, gross).

It's US$30, and with the favourable exchange rate, the shared cost of shipping, plus a 20% discount, I'm buying my (potentially) perfect skirt for a mere S$33. Feeling happy as a lark; now the skirt better fit well or I'll be scared off online shopping for a very loooong time.

Picture from http://store.americanapparel.net/rsam303.html


Elizabeth said…
A good way to take the plunge. This will take you many great directions!

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