proof that gap europe is cooler than gap america...

Went shopping today, and chanced upon this cute jumpsuit at Gap and picked it up for a try. Later I realised that everything I liked bore the "European Fit" tag. Maybe this will change now that Patrick Robinson has come on aboard with his fall collection looking very promising. About the jumpsuit, I'm totally thrilled - I fell in love with the idea of a loose shorts jumpsuit last year when I spied this at Zara -

But the fit wasn't so great on me; the sleeves were too billowy. The Gap one has a great cut and nice fabric, perfect for strolling around on Saturdays, and a nice variation of my usual uniform of shorts and a top on weekends. Always nice to buy something I feel excited about.

Picture of Zara jumpsuit courtesy of Zara


enc said…
You look great in that.
editor said…
this looks great on you.
beautiful color and great pleating there (again). they have or had a european line in the us gap too, and the stuff was quite different from their usual stuff - better!

omgd...enc...she found a jumpsuit that i actually think looks super cute (on her, on her!!!!)
fashionaddict said…
I can't believe I found a jumpsuit that looks good me me either - it's very hard to find flattering things. You won't believe how laughable I looked in some.

For special items, like jumpsuits, good skinny/straight jeans, the right wide-leg jeans, a sack dress that doesn't make me look rectangular, it can take me a year to get perfect ones.

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