I'm not really one for older fashion spreads, mainly because the fashions are usually too immaculate for my taste, beautiful as they are. This one however, looks fresh and contemporary and totally put me in the mood for another vacation.

Photographer: Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper's Bazaar

Photo taken from http://community.livejournal.com/foto_decadent/1729566.html#cutid1


k said…
Love that...just gorgeous. I am a magazine fanatic myself. I always dreamt of having my own one day. I wanted to call it Oddly Enough and examine strange truths, bizaar fashions and facts that seemed more like fiction.

Thanks for adding my site...that was thoughtful of you!
Anonymous said…
This is a great shot, I wish Bazaar would take more risks and do some covers like this again. I'm off on vacation tomorrow and whilst there is NO WAY I could pull off the playsuit, I think I could handle the blanket - oh and the hat.
enc said…
The photography is great. I agree with cybill ^^^ and wish Bazaar would return to the old days.

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