a message of terror

I usually don't like to post about unhappy things, because this blog is for me, about the enjoyable things in life. But this issue has really gotten my goat.

Whilst overseas, I caught the news on TV and saw that Mat Selamat Bin Kastari, a terrorist leader who had planned to hijack a plan to crash it into Changi Airport (amongst other plans) had escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre.

I was already highly disappointed by the news (how could this happen?!!), and the pictured message above, sent to my mobile phone today, just drove the feeling home. (I'm also somewhat curious as to how the police got my number.)

If they haven't caught him (this is a man who walks with a limp, mind you) within 48 hours, there's a strong chance that he's escaped to nearby Indonesia, or possibly hooked up with people who could help him do that. Singapore might be small, but I feel that someone determined to stray hidden can easily do so for weeks, if he has help.

We pay Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng about $2 million a year, and he couldn't at least make sure terrorists don't escape while going to the toilet.

I understand that a commission has been set up to investigate how Mas Selamat could have escaped. Yes, thanks for committing at least SOME resources to answering the question keeping some Singaporeans wide awake at night.

Nonetheless, the message remains a serious one - do call 999 if you spot him. I often think luck played a strong hand in why Singapore hasn't been hit by a terrorist attack, but luck only needs to run out once for something terrible to happen. Let's hope our luck hasn't run out.


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