I can't say that word without thinking of Tyra Banks and the always entertaining ANTM, but that aside, it's a good word to describe the work of the imitable Ann Demeulemeester. Her work changes, but very little, and I mean that in a good way - she's an expert at riffing on her own classics (an Edwardian jacket, draping, an biker goddess vibe) and evolving her own designs, the way Karl Lagerfeld tweaks but never changes the Chanel classics at Chanel.

Having just returned from somewhere cold, I'm loving her lean but loose silhouette and wrappings and wished that I could have concocted a look like that while I was away. But then, I'd be missing those killer boots (very Doc Martens but better) and cute hats.

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editor said…
enc said…
The boots, ^^^!!! (she beats me to the punch every time!) the drapiness, the colors, the textures, what's not to love?

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