thursday and friday

I was waaay too busy and tired this week to post my outfits, which I know, is very lazy of me. In fact, blogging is like exercise (I'm pretty sure I read this analogy somewhere) - you have to exercise it or you get lazy and stop. I shall try not to let blogging go the way my once-rigorous running routine...


editor said…
Très français
enc said…
I love both of these very much!
hmmm, where are you?
are you out running?

fashionaddict said…
Merci beaucoup!

I haven't been out running (I should!), just took off at the last minute for a much needed holiday in Bangkok (booked on Thursday, left on Saturday).

Lots of catching up to do! :)
Michael said…
The top look is very fetching. Love the books in the background.

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