"The tea ceremony (chado or sado) is the ritualized preparation and serving of powdered green tea in the presence of guests. A full-length formal tea ceremony involves a meal (chakaiseki) and two servings of tea (koicha and usucha) and lasts approximately four hours, during which the host engages his whole being in the creation of an occasion designed to bring aesthetic, intellectual, and physical enjoyment; and peace of mind to the guests."

(Source: The
Embassy of Japan, Singapore)

No wonder Ralph Rucci's Chado Ralph Rucci label is named for what it is -

Somehow, with his work, I can feel every meticulous touch he's brought to this clothes, and that doesn't always work for me - it can feel stifling. But this collection has a relatively lighter hand, and some of the clothes actually inspire delight. (Click on the smaller pictures for a better look.)

I think the evening gowns are a particular tour du force -

Pictures from www.style.com


enc said…
This is my dream wardrobe. Now, where's my tea?

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