the coat - a second airing

After all the posting about the fall collections, I guess it made sense to at least put up a picture of what I wore in wintry Bhutan.

Nothing to scream about, just thrilled that I got the chance to wear my one and only coat (it has a hood! LOVE coats with hoods) with a skull scarf that practically every scarf wearing person in Singapore owns (to be expected from a $4 buy from a street stall in Taipei). I've only worn the coat once before since I bought it about two years ago. I think I've dry-cleaned it more times than that.

Best of all, I got to pose in the pinkest hotel room ever, in front of a great big lotus (or is it a peony?). Here's a shot of the room, in case you want a better look. It was actually very comfy, very clean, and very well-appointed for the price. Just a little exuberantly decorated, that's all.


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