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editor said…
is that called a box pleat? i like it very much.
enc said…
I can't see any pleats, because even with my brightness turned all the way up, my screen won't register details. But it does register the fine proportion of this look.
fashionaddict said…
I'm not sure what pleat this is, but i know it's not a box pleat - a box pleat would be taking a piece of flat fabric and then making two separate pleats vertically to form sort of a "box" between them, if that makes any sense, haha.

This is, I don't know, some kind of split pleat?

(It's actually a dress that shrank and became too short for me.)

My school uniform skirt used to have a box pleat, and it was terrible on me - it widened hips.
editor said…
your description of a box pleat makes perfect sense. it's a lovely pleat, all the same.
what is the material that it shrank so pefectly?
fashionaddict said…
This is a rather late response - 70% acrylic, 30% wool. Only the length shrank, which strange, considering I handwashed it and drip dried, which might have made it stretch. Oh well. At least it's having a good second life.

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