when are you coming?

I was already hit hard when Phillip Lim and Alexandre Plokhov each did a line last year, when Nicholas Andreas Taralis and Felipe Oliviera Baptista each did lines too in 2006, and great, they've just announced that Alexander Wang is doing a line for their Designers Invitation Project this summer. Oh Uniqlo, wherefore art thou? Why are you so near, yet so far? You have stores in Japan, China, and Hong Kong, and we are a mere five hours away. No idea what the Alexander Wang stuff looks like, save for this, which I guess, doesn't say very much; it could go either way as a hit or miss -

I've always liked Alexander Wang's designs, though I find the prices ridiculous - you don't need to spend that kind of money to get the look - they are wearable and effortless and the sort of easy cool stuff you'll find yourself reaching for quite often. Which is why he's perfect (as was Phillip Lim) for the Uniqlo price range. because I think there's no danger of designs being "watered down".

It could very well be completely boring, but I think Uniqlo's track record speaks for itself: see the work of Mr Taralis and Baptista for Uniqlo in 2006 -

Felipe Oliviera Baptista

Nicholas Andreas Taralis

I wonder if Uniqlo will ever arrive on our shores (likewise, where is H&M?!). Soon I hope, before they do another kickass designer collaboration and break my weakened heart.

Pictures of Nicholas Andreas Taralis and Felipe Oliviera Baptista for Uniqlo designs, from Uniqlo website; picture of Alexander Wang for Uniqlo designs, from http://www.style.com/trends/blogs/style_file


Dottie said…
Yes, I feel you anguish too regarding the 'missing' high street stores :( Frankly, its an outrage! Haha. Maybe they will have an H&M at that new shopping centre, ICON. We're really crossing our fingers hard :P
enc said…
I was just in H&M today (I live in CA), and though it was fun, there wasn't anything super-fresh in there. It was full of really cute things, though.
editor said…
i found phillip lim stuff in person to be a bit disappointing at the price points (way too high) in his boutique, but with h&m, that ought to have worked out quite well.
i have 2 uniqlo items that i like very very much. now that i have switched to shopping for 1 or 2 items per year, i cannot go into h&m or uniqlo "just to see."
editor said…
ooops, not h&m, i meant uniqlo. i did not see the phillip lim for uniqlo pieces, buti meant that i would think his designs, at that price point, would be very attractive.
fashionaddict said…
i wished i had the kind of discipline to just shop for one or two things a year, but for me, not buying anything for three months (the longest so far) is a major achievement.

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