isn't she darling

There's Diane Keaton in pantsuits (not my kind of thing) and then there's Cate Blanchett in pantsuits (very much my kind of thing). She has great red carpet style - full-on glamour but never boring - but her more low-key looks are even better. And I love her hair.

(And that's her husband Andrew Upton, they're co-artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company. They're "switching on" the Company's new rooftop solar panels. Too awesome they are.)

Picture from zimbio


As much as I love suits the Anne Hall look is something I like for myself. Cate Blanchett is amazing isn't she? To be fair she could be wearing a garbage bag and a banana hat and she'd still look amazing. I like her shoes too.
Ammu said…
Love the hair and the glasses - she's super cute and so talented!
Stacy said…
She's so cool.
Aïssa said…
I really don't like white shoes but even that she manages to pull off. The whole look is simple, relaxed and elegant.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I think I'm biased against the Annie Hall look because I don't like Woody Allen movies, hahahaha.

Ammu: Yes, the glasses and hair!Sometimes I think she overacts but she's still incredibly watchable.

Stacy: I'd love to be in my 40s and still be that cool.

Aissa: I think the imperfection is part of the charm :)
Oops I typed wrong. The Anne Hall look is something I don't like for myself. I've only seen Vicky Christina, and I wasn't interested until Penelope showed up.
lin said…
Penelope made that movie for me. Even Javier Bardem alone wasn't quite enough.
Anonymous said…
her priority for comfort/realness is admirable!

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