dark as night


A gift from the lovely Ammu, who reads this blog, and whom I had the pleasure of meeting back in late-September. I love scarves and if there's a scarf that I can actually use in the super-hot weather we get here, it's this one. It's made of a super-light cotton and I love the how intense the black is, with the subtle white dotted here and there.


It's always nice to know a little back story about things - www.fabindia.com

"Tie-dye is essentially indicative of a technique of patterning cloth by reserving a part of the surface prior to dyeing. This is done by marking the fabric with patterns and blocking the penetration of the dye by tying the reserved area tightly with thread. The tied fabric is then dipped into vats of dye, to create resist-dye patterns, which vary in complexity of technique and design. Bandhani, with its characteristic patterns of dots, leheriya and mothra are prime examples of tie dyed fabrics."

It reminds me of the night sky strewn with stars. I wore it today with this grey jersey dress and plain flats. The scarf makes this outfit - which I've worn a million times - feel a little more special.


Thanks Ammu! I hope you're having a great time in India.


Aïssa said…
It's lovely!
If Jane said…
oh what a gorgeous scraf! ammu has such good taste! and i see it fits in wonderfully with your wardrobe! ;))
It's a beautiful gift.
lin said…
I couldn't agree more with all of you :)
Ammu said…
Oh! You are very welcome :) I am so glad you like it, and I LOVE how you have styled it. Looks fantastic. Come visit!
lin said…
Ammu: I basically built my outfit around the scarf because I was so excited by it :)

I will try to go some time next year!

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