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It was sunny and yet coolly breezy day. We get maybe, 20, 30 days like this a year, and I love them. It put me in the mood for one of my favourite blouses.


I don't buy at Topshop much, but it's a surprisingly good for prints at a great price. There's something in the air in London that attracts good print designers, so many of their designers have a sickeningly good flair for prints (Erdem, Mary Katranzou, Jonathan Saunders, Duro Olowu, Basso and Brooke, Peter Pilotto, and icons like Celia Birtwell and Ossie Clark). I always like looking at their print stuff when I'm there because there's usually something fantastic amid all the other mediocre prints.

Prints are a jarring departure from what usually inspires me in terms of style, but I don't want to be strict about these things - anything that speaks to me at a very personal level goes.

Anyway, my outfit. Nothing special about how I put it together. But I have to say I'm really getting a lot of wear from those jeans lately.



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I like it paired with the gold sequins flats. There's something about tropical climates that makes us like prints :) Issa London does really fabulous tropical prints, I'm not so into the ditsy florals.
lin said…
Agree about the tropical climate being an influence. The weather can make you feel like a spoilsport for wearing grey.

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