lessons from my favourite girl crush


She's perfected the art of dressing down. An inspiration to us dress-down dressers every where. Sometimes I feel underdressed for occasions where everyone is "dressed up" in the traditional sense. I love looking at pictures of Sofia Coppola because she's such a good example of how to get it right.

For example, it's obvious from this picture you have the buy the best quality you can afford. I can see how this beautifully-constructed dress could be ripped off poorly with the wrong fabrics, bad workmanship, etc. She's got the casual hair and make-up but she's also well-groomed and she has on a pair of sleek heels to dress things up. And I love how her purse looks almost like a wallet - a nice change from the usual shiny satin, bejewelled evening purses and it adds to the casual-ness of the outfit without looking any less luxurious.

Pictures from zimbio via tfs


Fashion Tidbits said…
if only i could afford one of her sofia for LV bags!!! i love them
yanqin said…
Me too! I adore the SC PM tote, but the prices frighten me.
T.A.E said…
That dress looks so luxurious and I bet it feels fabulous on! :D

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