Warning: this is a rambly, shopping post.

A simple black clutch, at last. I toyed with the idea of several expensive versions, but could never bring myself to do it. I wanted something simple that would go from day to night, for every occasion, something that was nicely-made. Something suited my style. Something I could afford.

Shopping with my sister on Saturday, I was surprised by ths clutch at Kate Spade. I love looking at Kate Spade and all, but I've never bought anything for myself there, only gifts; they just seem like such a "gift" place. I think it's the packaging.

With a S$200 gift voucher to spend at Takashimaya (which has a Kate Spade concession), it seemed like fate. At S$470, it was tempting, but not an immediate yes. At S$270 out of pocket with the voucher, it was practically a bargain.

The Kate Spade is made of super-soft lambskin, which made me pause because lambskin is a little delicate for me.

But Kate Spade, master of the "oooh" lining, melted my heart with this -


It's the right size for me because I wanted something compact, but it wasn't so small as to look silly on me (which happens when you're tall). And it comes with a handy detachable shoulder strap so it can be worn cross-body. An option ALL clutches should have because at some point in the night, you just want to put things down.

Weighing the pros versus the cons, I figure some wear and tear on the lambskin won't bother me. Plus the leather quality was actually not too bad - I discreetly stretched and scrunched it a little when no one was looking; it held. For now anyway.

So it came home with me. Along with all the little things about Kate Spade packaging that makes it fun to shop there. Like the Kelly green shopping bag -


The contrasting turquoise lining of the bag with its bracing message -



Pret a Porter P said…
It's a beautiful choice, has a timeless appeal. And it has a beautiful lining. Does the little stud piece turn to close the flap?
Ammu said…
It's gorgeous! Simple and perfect.
Unknown said…
nice and simple...and love the message! ;))
A├»ssa said…
Such a beautiful piece, in and out!
yanqin said…
Pret a Porter P: Thanks! Yes it does. I love that it isn't as large as some of other Kate Spade's turn closures.

Ammu: I feel to relieved to have found it. I've been using a beloved purse that belonged to my grandmother but sometimes it just isn't the thing.

If Jane: They have more messages like it on the care card, the dust bag. Such charmers even if a bit twee sometimes :)

Aissa: The lining made me and my sister go "ooooh" out loud in the shop.
Pret a Porter P said…
-ps. I passed on the I Love Your Blog prize to you :)
Fashion Tidbits said…
i always thought that kate spade was too kitschy for my liking but i'm wowed by her use of colour
yanqin said…
Pret a Porter P: Thanks!!

Fashion tidbits: I love the colours too, especially for the wallets. They look so cheerful when you see them in the dark recesses of your bag.

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