before i could decide... had sold out. I hate it when this happens. I become irrational, convinced I desperately wanted it when there was a chance I might have ultimately rejected it. (I really identified with this nyt story)I also get overcome by the reckless desire to buy something else right away to "right the wrong".

I should get over it. Looking at beautiful pictures help.


I love how this editorial looks like one of those Life magazine pictures from the 1940s. Carolyn Murphy looks like one of those pioneering women who did it all while looking like she had a really good time doing it.


Photographer: Carter Smith
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar June '06

I don't think she would lose her head over not getting her hands on a dress that sold out. She looks like she would always find something just right in her closet and throw it on and look great. I could probably take a leaf or two from her book.

Pictures from dust jacket attic


Alexandra said…
One of my favourite editorials!
The thing about fashion is, everything repeats itself eventually. And who knows years later it might turn up on ebay. The lady in the nyt article really takes it to an extreme!!

Beautiful editorials. The fact that it is shot to look "old" makes it even more timeless. I love the 2nd picture, anything with a trench!
lin said…
Alexandra: One of mine as well. It's so cinematic and really sweeps me away.

Pret a Porter P: I love how a single garment (a trench) can say so much and carry so many beautiful connotations.
Ammu said…
I have been there too - but in the last few months, while I have been waiting for my things to arrive from London and managing with very few items, I have gotten over that shopping-related anxiety. I have hardly shopped and hardly wanted to - waiting for my own things to arrive instead. It's really made me rethink the need to add to my closet - a wonderful and welcome change :)

The article is priceless - this is my favourite bit -
"When I asked a clerk at a Wal-Mart in upstate New York where to find the Norma Kamali section, she squinted hard and said, “Guacamole?” “NOR-ma Ka-MA-li,” I moaned. “Let me see if she’s working today,” the woman said, reaching for her walkie-talkie."

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