a walk around the world

I went for a long walk. It was unexpectedly beautiful, despite the rain and I returned with the exhilaration that long walks bring about in me.

I didn't have a camera with me but it got me thinking about all the good long walks I took on various holidays.

Beijing during Lunar New Year and in the depths of winter can be gloriously serene and beautiful, the city emptied out as everyone returns home for the holidays.


There's always something to see in Kathmandu -


In the middle of the older part of Hanoi, with its crazy traffic, winding streets and bustle of activity, a peaceful lake and lushly green park provides respite -


Wreathed in gold, the parks of Tashkent in fall are straight from a dream.


A good walk immerses you in the surroundings in all senses, and calms the mind. I relish these moments. Remembering them is almost as good.

Happy sunday!


If Jane said…
oh fabulous!! i love walking too...it truly wakes me up! ;))
lin said…
Thanks. A good walk is so invigorating!

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