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04802b95-cda4-4a09- adcd-73626bdfd751.jpg

Photographer: Maya Villiger for Nowness

I may have brief flirtations with pretty feminine dresses, but I really feel more at home in clothes like these. So carefree.

Also, I love how Nowness calls these "girly man shoes"

Pictures from nowness


Fleurette said…
the second photo is what i'd love to live in every day. the perfect pair of jeans, perfect but worn grey t-shirt and my black loafers..
Pret a Porter P said…
The first outfit reminds me a lot of what I wore the other day: I wore my jeans rolled like that, not to be cool, but because they are long, with driving shoes, and a men's military jacket. Great jeans in the 2nd picture.
Unknown said…
oh fabulous!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
on the right, perfection!
yanqin said…
dead fleurette: i wld live in that too, thought not necessarily the shoes

pret a porter p: sounds like a great outfit. and i LOVE those jeans in the right pict. i never did find jeans like that in shops, ended altering a pair of my own.

editor: and it can be altered in so many ways to suit subtle changes in mood, without altering the "feel", if that makes any sense.

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