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I tried this blouse on some time last year (or maybe late 2008, can't remember) when it was on sale, and while I liked it, I thought it was still too expensive even at 40% off. Marc by Marc Jacobs is very marked up here.

Who knew it would turn up on the Outnet, in my size, and even with the fairly ouch shipping rates, cost less than some of the blouses I see in Zara? I love a tie-neck blouse and they aren't always nicely done at my price points. It looks great untied too. I don't always check the Outnet mailers because I'm not much of an online shopper, so this feels like 100% fate. Much like how I ended up with this bag.

And I'm always rather unnerved at how quickly internet transactions occur - it's such a conduit for impulse shopping. Now excuse me while I go off and obsessively track my order over DHL.

Picture from outnet


It was meant to be :)
If Jane said…
oh it is great!

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