changing my spots

leopard loafer

I have my maximalist moments. I've always quite liked leopard print without ever seriously considering incorporating it into my wardrobe - though I have borrowed my sister's great leopard skinny belt from Uniqlo from time to time. The drawback of these loafers is that they're rather stiff and not that comfortable. The shape is also a little too dandy for me when I wear them with trousers, but they looked amazing with the black dress I wore that day. Maybe I'll fare better with leopard ballerinas.

I have been intrigued by these shoes for weeks, mainly because I cannot decide whether this is refreshing element to introduce to my wardrobe, something that is new and yet true to me. Or is it a passing moment? I'm happy with my clothes but sometimes I feel like surprising myself.

To digress, also very cute at Zara -

zara clutch

Perhaps both of them together with my black cropped skinny trousers and a shirt would be nice? It's very classic, but also very now. Sort of like this great look -

tumblr l9kcn6ow1x1qbhipzo1 400

Pictures from zara and the epitome of quiet


haha, maximalism. sometimes i'm like you too. i've been craving this peter pilotto dress for a while now:
I fluctuate between the minimal and maximal myself. Though I never like "severe" minimalism. I have a fondness for leopard print, though I'm very particular about it. As a matter of fact I wore a leopard print scarf today.

Zara shoes haven't been working for me in the last 3 years, I find them very uncomfortable and not breathable. The cluth looks good too, modern yes, but also very timeless.
Ammu said…
She is gorgeous! And I love the simplicity of the outfit.

Leopard-print ballet flats are very cute - French Sole make lovely ones. And I like the clutch too - very elegant.
lin said…
Dead fleurette: I love Peter Pilotto's prints! And that dress is amazing - it's dressing on a whole different plane; not the everyday dressing that preoccupies us.

Pret: I love your leopard scarf, it puts all the poorly done ones to shame. I've gotten lucky with two pairs of Zara flats that I'm presently wearing to death. Keeping my fingers crossed for third time lucky when they die out.

Ammu: That outfit makes me happy about putting on a simple shirt and pants. Sometimes I forget how well simple works.
Aïssa said…
The clutch is creeping in my mind. A big enveloppe from Cos is what I'm leaning towards...This coming from a woman who likes to hold her house in her bag...

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