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Photographer: Steven Meisel for US Vogue May 2009

In honour of Casual Fridays, I thought it'd be timely to wax lyrical about one of my fashion quests - khakis.

It's one of the many things I long to wear but don't - for the most part, it doesn't look good on me. I've been trying on khaki (from olive to sand) trousers as soon as I was old enough to shop, and the last time I successfully purchased a pair (in olive) was some 7 years ago. I still have them and wear them, but I've always wished I could indulge in a properly preppy beige pair. I like light-coloured clothing, especially bottoms, because they evoke sunny days and a sense of freshness. Khakis (the non-green ones) have an elegant but sporty, outdoorsy appeal, somehow different from the urban/country feel of jeans.

I tell myself that olive green is pretty cool enough. I mean, here's Gwyneth Paltrow looking enviably amazing in them -


(Also, she must have one hell of a jacket collection.)

But we always crave something else we don't have.

Clockwise from left: Vogue Paris August 2010, La Garconne, US Vogue February 1999, J. Crew

I was quite excited by the number of khaki trousers available in shops this past year, only to have my excitement deflate over countless trysts in the fitting room with them. My hips, never small to begin with, loomed large. There was a close call with a men's pair from Gap, but the colour was just a tiny bit too yellow.

Still, I'm not giving up.

Pictures from tfs here and here, style frizz, j. crew, la garconne and here


The first picture reminds me of that Out of Africa looked you posted previously. I prefer the olive khakis myself.
Aïssa said…
Great khakis selection and inspiration!

I like khakis too but always have a hard time finding the right cut and color. My favorites are old H&M that are skinny yet a bit loose and cropped.

The Gap khakis always disappointed me, looking so perfect on ads but whenever I try them on: fail!
lin said…
Pret A Porter P: I'm pretty sure the desire for beige khakis is just something I need to get out of my system :) I'm actually pretty resigned to the fact that they don't work for me, but sometimes I need a quest to occupy myself.

Aissa: Cropped and loose at the hip, tapering towards the ankle, is one of the more flattering cuts for me actually, and it's also really comfortable...something for me to keep in mind for my quest!

I love Gap ads too, though I rarely find anything that works.
onlycoolcats said…
I adore Gwyneth for her simple, clean look.Actually she never get's wrong.
I like Gwyneth's wearing, it's simple but classy, clean, and it looks comfortable to wear.

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