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While I was rifling around tfs looking for these, I found this beautiful Celine campaign from the Michael Kors days. I loved his things from that period and I think his seven-year tenure seems rather underappreciated. Phoebe Philo brings an innovative spirit to the house but Michael Kors exemplified easy, refined luxury. His clothes had that casual sporty spirit you almost never see in Europe. See how perfect they look now, years later.


Again, does anyone know who the photographer is?

Pictures from tfs


Oh wow!!! Thank you for finding these. At the time Kors was fashion's golden boy, but the kids these days, they don't know anything lol!
lin said…
Did you see this intw with him in New York magazine. http://nymag.com/fashion/10/fall/67504/

It's a good read...I always find myself having to describe him to people who only know from Project Runway.

I was so excited when I found these too! Strange where random clicking leads you...

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