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I have been helping my friend with her wedding, and that of course, led to lots of musing about what I would like my wedding dress to look like, in the strictly hypothetical, 100% superficial, completely sartorial sense.

I don't see myself in anything ceremonial, but this Rick Owens dress is something special. It's beautifully strict and soft at the same time, and has the solemnity that reflects that importance of the an occasion without being stifling or stuffy. I love the serenity.

Actually, the entire Rick Owens collection is pretty special altogether. I've always liked his things but he also belongs to a class of designer who I think probably finds it challenging to take their aesthetic forward. You can see how he thought about this and he took his vision to a lighter, less burdened place. With minimalism in the air, it's like he tried to do more with less, but still in keeping with his tough, sculptural, urban warrior aesthetic.

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