surviving the tropics


Magazine: Vogue Paris Jun/Jul 2001
Photographer: Corinne Day

I know, it's lame blaming lethargy on weather, but maybe one needs to experience the malaise of a Singapore humid afternoon before making such a declaration. The weather isn't just hot, it's still, sticky and damp, and the haze that has settled over is not helping - dust hangs in the moist air, and everything looks washed out, like it's dying. What's going on? The back ache that has been bothering me is not helping.

Getting dressed in the morning feels monumental, and for once I'm thankful I'm in the office for most of the work day. All ideas of looking sharp and pulled together in my favourite shirts have been abandoned for anything cool and floaty. Linen is a godsend. My favourite linen dress in navy has been worn twice in three days. My linen knit long-sleeved t-shirts provide office coverage without suffocating me. My grey crepe trousers are surprisingly breathable and are an awesome alternative to my heavier black ones. I can't get enough of a roomy white cotton sleeveless blouse.

I like how the weather shrinks my dressing options. Inspiration from pictures, clothes, icons etc are all very well, but dressing practically without looking worse for it is satisfying on another level altogether.

Pictures from microgroove vis tfs


Beckerman Girls said…
I love this pic of Carmen Kass!!! Corinne Day was an unnnbelievable photographer!!! RIP Corinne!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

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