girl crush: darcy backlar

Photographers: Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist (top row), Maydele (bottom row)

This is Darcy Backlar, who has styled shoots for Vogue Hommes International and Vogue Paris.

I had a minor style crush on her when I saw her on The Sartorialist in 2008, and how is it that her simple, clean look hasn't been picked up by many of the street style snapper set when it's such a big thing now. Maybe she's camera shy. She works with Anastasia Barbieri (who also has great style) on Vogue Hommes International and they look awesome whenever they are photographed together.

I don't think minimalism is only about the sort of austere, stark look you see in shops like COS or labels like Jil Sander, or Calvin Klein (all of which I like, just not head to toe). I think Darcy Backlar has a great minimal approach without looking too deliberate or conceptual. And she really rocks the aviators.

As I did the first time I blogged about her (I love repeating myself), I quote Scott Schuman's comments on her:

"People often leave comments saying something like "this look isn't new or directional"

Looking "new" or "directional" is of very little importance to most of us. I don't think I would ever describe Darcy as "directional" and yet I know a lot of women that would love to have the kind of quiet chic that she embodies."



Photographer: Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil


Ammu said…
I agree! The centre-top look is just stunning - those gold accents just make the look, the buttons, the cuffs. And of course the sunglasses!
The Sart's quote sums it up perfectly. As much as I can appreciate the people that dress "fashion" I like doses of "reality" too. I even like Anastasia's dress in the last image too.
I wish I could pull off those black aviators but raybans in general never look good on me.
On a side note, I think the little girl in the 1st picture may also be in these breathtakingly beautiful editorial with Sascha.
If Jane said…
there is something about her...:))
lin said…
Ammu: I love a good pair of aviators, I would buy them if I didn't wear glasses all the time.

Pret a Porter P: Yes, I love watching people dress in all ways, but I prefer to dress simply. Since dressing simple is actually quite difficult, I really admire those who do it well.

Is it really the same girl? I think the girl in the first pict is Anastasia Barbieri's daughter actually.

If Jane: Some people just have it. Sigh.
I think it really could be, same eyes, plus Anastasia styled that editorial so it would make sense.
onlycoolcats said…
Love her style. I have never heared about her ( blush)
lin said…
onlycoolcats: I don't know much about her either. I think it's actually creepier if we knew too much about about :)

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