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So wedding bells are ringing and I have a dinner to attend this Saturday. I do have a couple of nice dresses but I'm seeing the same faces at this dinner and I don't want to repeat my outfit. Seems a bit insincere, like I'm not making an effort. So I raid my sisters' closets.

I come across this happy-shiny top that my sister wore on her 18th birthday with her little black skirt and teen attitude, but I temper it down with my relatively sedate black trousers. I like it, but I think I have a shoe problem. A wardrobe full of ballet flats doesn't seem like the thing here. But I can channel Sofia Coppola perhaps.


That is a beautiful sequins top. How about those nude patent ferragamo flats that you have? They might be dressy enough. Though I should warn you I have no experience when it comes to dressing for weddings.
If Jane said…;))
Aïssa said…
I think the ballet flats will work, the sequins top with the trousers make a dressy outfit.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Me neither, it's a recent development (a sign of age when your peers are getting married).

I haven't actually tried on the outfit, but definitely will try those on. Not sure about the bow on the flats though.

If Jane, Aissa: Hmm yes, maybe the casualness and primness of ballerinas will take the shine off the top slightly, which I admit is a teensy bit sparklier than what I'm used to.

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