oh stop it already

sofia coppola louis vuitton sc black alligator l

Yes, you're cool, the bag is perfect, and staggeringly out of my reach. Go away.

12  sofia coppola louis vuitton sc black alligat

Pictures from rdujour


I don't even want to know how much the croco is, the plain is already astronomical. I prefer the plain one actually, and I'm a croco lover!
A. said…
you know i actually think this bag resembles a nappy bag...the kind that new mothers carry all their babies stuff around in. I love your new flats though..very nice
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I prefer the plain one too, but I love the design in general The price is indeed astronomical!

A: Haha, it certainly doesn't look like the nappy bags I remember my mum using when my younger sister was a baby.
Ammu said…
I prefer the suede versions, but ooh the price! It does look a bit like a weekender bag though, but way more luxe. And she looks gorgeous in the picture.
If Jane said…
hahah...i agree...
but after all is said and done...i still want one...;))

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